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Size Guide


Band size

Put your best fitting bra on (ideally not a padded or minimiser style) and wrap a tape measure around your rib cage. Make sure that the tape is parallel to the floor the whole way around your ribcage. Take the smallest measurement possible and round this number to the nearest inch.

Bust size

Next wrap the tape measure comfortably around the fullest point of your bust (usually over the nipple). The tape measure should sit comfortably, without digging into to the breast tissue and it should still be parallel to the floor. Take this measurement and round it to the nearest inch.

Finding your size

Now subtract your band size from your bust size. The difference will give you an estimated cup size.

Converted band sizes


A bra fits differently for different people. The main aim is for the wearer to be comfortable with your chosen size. This is a guideline. We at Blue Reign do not profess to be absolute bra fitting experts, we just want to give individuals the option to experience innovative design regardless of bra size.

Please also note that this is a small brand with limited resources. We have every intention of expanding our size range to make sure that as many people as possible can access the brand.