The Brand

Blue Reign is an independent lingerie studio based in South-West London. The brand specialises in the creation of leather styled lingerie , but for conscious reasons we have opted to use leather alternatives.

Using a mixture of locally sourced fabrics and a gruelling product development process, the studio is able to create come some truly iconic silhouettes with its signature styls being a favourite amongst the lingerie community. We design and produce everything on site.

At Blue Reign, we strive to create unique and daring pieces, carefully constructed to to compliment a domineering and edgy personality.

Designed to elevate and emancipate - Cosmopolitan heralds the brand as being "fit for a Warrior Queen"


The Designer

Blue Reign was created by Alyx Jordan from her dining room table south London. Originally started as a way of finding a space for her own style within the community, the brand has since grown to become a firm favourite for many others. Every single design is taken from her personal collection as she also regards her self as a customer of the brand. Alyx takes a very hands on approach as a designer and not only creatively directs the products, but also helps to produce the garments and art directs the creative content. When Alyx isn't in the studio you can find her with her family enjoying the simplicity and quiet of the country side.