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How do I wash my Vegan Leather Intimates?

Our products have been developed to reflect the needs of the busy modern woman.  With this in mind, all of our products are machine washable. We recommend a 30 degree mild wash cycle with the occasional 40 degree here and there.

Make sure all hooks have been closed / fastened and that all garments are placed in a mesh wash bag (this ensures an anti-snagging environment). We also recommend that all adjustable straps be tightened as much as possible, so that the elastic does not stretch over time with each wash. It is also safe to use standard/mild detergents and softeners, but absolutely no bleach.

To dry - please air dry or lay flat. Wet lingerie is also a good time for reshaping cups or removing a crease.

In order to preserve your garments we recommend that you do not wash the garments after every wear [this would apply to garments like the cincher]. All briefs should be washed after every use. To preserve the quality of items like thongs and briefs (especially when you want to wear a set over and over again) we recommend that rather than washing the same thong every evening that instead you invest in 2 or 3 others. This way you can rotate garments and maintain the quality of your set.

Why do I have to wait such a long time to receive my order?

In order to produce our garments consciously and responsibly we currently operate in cycles.

If you order by a certain date, your order will be printed and added to a pile of others received. These are then organised, cut and sewn by the production unit in London. This can take 3-4 weeks depending on volume. If they are finished sooner, we will send them sooner. These garments then go through a quality check process to ensure they are perfect. Once satisfied, the garments are sent to you using next day delivery. This process ensures that we only make what we need and we reduce any unnecessary waste.  We will let you know when your order has been shipped and send you your tracking details.

In total - your wait time is 4 weeks maximum, but the wait will be worth it, especially as the item is being made for you personally.

I can't find my size

Please let us know if you are unable to find your size as it will help us improve our service. Because we are a small studio, we have the benefit of being able to respond to our customers' needs very quickly. This means that we could create a bespoke item to your measurements or that we need to add this size to our store.