• Lace and frills first spring to mind at the thought of lingerie, but should you be craving something edgier, check out Blue Reign. The London brand offers its predominantly leather lingerie selection up to a size UK 16, and 38 J in bra sizes. Of course, you won't miss out on those traditionally feminine details, either; its vintage-inspired floral patterns are one to add-to-cart ASAP


  • Blue Reign specializes in lingerie that isn’t your typical Victoria’s Secret look. This studio uses vegan and faux leather and strappy designs to make edgier and more modern-looking pieces. It even offers corsets that would look perfect over or under your shirt. Frankly, we’re loving that corsets are in style for 2021.

    Alternative Press

  • Do you sometimes need a reminder that YOU ARE THE SHIT? This is it. Blue Reign is it. The moment you slip into these vegan and faux leather pieces, you'll have no choice but to own your body and gain real agency. Each piece has been hand created to not only sculpt and support the body, but to also be available to as many bodies as possible.

    XO Necole

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